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Wrath Dynasty of Aerie Peak

Welcome to Wrath Dynasty of Aerie Peak!!

Wrath Dynasty is a progressive raiding guild with a family atmosphere of friendship and teamwork. We take raiding seriously but still like to have fun while progressing. Our guild has an established raiding team that is currently conquering Icecrown Citadel. We have a base of dedicated and disciplined Core Raiders that respect and support each other, and work in unity as a team.

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Sindragosa Video
06/05/2010 07:06 PM by Lozon
Only our second down, but we look like pros! I [b]just[/b] uploaded this video and it make take a few hours until the 480p becomes available. I will be uploading recordings in 1080p after this.

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Sindragosa down! Lich King next!
05/30/2010 08:35 AM by Lozon

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Sorry...I forgot how to do this...
05/15/2010 01:26 PM by Lozon

Oh yes, I can add news!

It's been awhile, but we've been working hard. We've drilled the Professor Putricide encounter into our heads and our execution is near flawless now. We've spent many ours and guild funded repairs on downing him, but we competently kill him every week now like its nobody's business.

Shortly after, we brought Blood-Queen Lana'thel to her simple death. Kudos to the Vamp and VampArrow addons!

And lastly and, well...lets be honest, the least important, Valithria Dreamwalker was healed to full health easily with our strong add control and beast-like heals.


More Icecrown Progression
02/16/2010 04:00 PM by Lozon

As we work our way deeper and deeper into the Citadel, our raiding habits improve and grow stronger as bosses die more easily and consistently! Great job raid team and keep those upgrades coming!

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Consistency Paying Off
01/19/2010 10:20 AM by Lozon

Congratulations to our strong team for consistently putting in the efforts in all aspects of raiding and exercising execution of these encounters. Also, thank-you to those consistent raiders who make downing these bosses easier every week!


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